Requirements for renters

To rent a car through GoMore, the renter must:

  • Must be at least 21 years old. (25 years old for premium class cars)
  • Hold a valid and accompanying B driving license.
  • The driving license must have been valid for at least one year.
  • Identified as a verified renter on the GoMore platform using a strong electronic identification method and image documentation of the driver's license and the renter's face. The renter is confirmed by GoMore before they can start renting, i.e. each renter in the service whom the owner receives a booking request has already been confirmed.
  • To become a verified user, GoMore also checks the credit information of the new renter and performs a manual risk assessment of the person. The purpose of comprehensive identification is to ensure the reliability of GoMore members so that we can provide our members with comprehensive vehicle insurance for the duration of their rentals and to strengthen mutual trust between members!

The renter can also add an extra driver to their rental reservation. The owner will see this on their profile in the rental overview. Please note, however, that only the renter can pick up the car himself and must always present the driver's license to the owner in person. An additional driver must also present a driving license on request. Although GoMore checks the renter's details at the time of booking, the car owner must also always check the driving license and personal details when handing over the car.

Also, remember that in the end, as the owner, you decide who you rent your car to! For example, if you hand over a car when you find that the renter is intoxicated or behaving confusingly, you must not hand over the car to the renter. In this case, you can cancel the rental and report it to GoMore, which will initiate the necessary investigation.

Renting with foreign driving license

The renter's driving license must be valid for driving the rented vehicle in Finland. You can read more here. If the renter does not have access to a strong electronic identification method (continue without bank IDs), he or she must upload a photo of the passport. These images will be stored in GoMore for 365 days from the date the lease expires, after which they will be deleted. 

You can verify your identity without Finnish bank IDs by leaving the bank unselected and clicking the "I cannot authenticate electronically" button.