Guide to picking up a car and returning it

Before pick-up

When it's time to pick up your reserved car, there are a few steps you should pay attention to as a renter to keep everything running smoothly:

  • Take your driving license with you when you pick up the car. If an additional driver has been added to the booking, this person must also have a driving license ready to be presented on request. Additional driver cannot pick up or return the car alone, only the car renter can sign the rental contract.
  • Feel free to chat with the car owner via the messaging feature on the GoMore app / website so you can prepare together for a hassle-free car delivery.
  • The car is located in the area visible in the application. The exact address will be sent from GoMore just before the start of the rental period.
  • In case the car owner does not show up, please wait 15 minutes if possible and try to call the call owner. After this call us and we will cancel your rental and find you an alternative car!
  • When you meet with the car owner, he or she will have to start filling out the rental contract. The rental contract is always available in the car owner's GoMore application, where the car owner starts filling it by pressing the "Start rental period" button (possibly a paper version can also be used). The car owner must then complete and check the car and rental booking information with you before the car is handed over to you. The car owner will fill in the following information in the rental agreement regarding your reservation:

1. Driving License - The car owner is asked to check your driving license to make sure you are the same person you stated when booking. In this context, the car owner must photograph the driver's license in order to document it in the contract. If there are other people in the booking who drive the car (this must be added in advance in the "additional drivers' ' section of the booking and cannot be done when picking up the car), these people must also present the driving license to the car owner. If you are unable to present a driving license, the car owner is obliged to refuse to rent the car to you. NOTE! An image of your driver's license will only appear internally on GoMore in the lease, and the information will not be displayed anywhere else (except for requirements related to vehicle damage reports or regulatory matters where driver's license information is passed on to our insurance partner Omocom).

2. Mileage reading - the car owner registers the car's mileage reading, which is displayed on the control panel inside the car. This is done so that the mileage in the contract is recorded correctly when picking up and returning the car.

3. Fuel Amount - The amount of fuel in the car must be recorded in the lease upon collection. As a renter, you refuel the car with the same amount of fuel when the car is returned. Example: If the car is fully refueled when picked up, the car must also be fully refueled at the time of return. If the car has not been fully refueled at the time of pick-up (100%), we recommend taking a picture of the dashboard so that the car renter can refuel at the level corresponding to the time of pick-up before returning.

4. Any existing damage or remarks on the condition of the car - The renter and the owner of the car must jointly inspect the condition of the car at the time of pick-up, take photographs and record any damage in the car at the time of delivery.

5. Once the contract has been completed together, the renter and car owner must sign it in the app before the car is handed over to the renter. Please note that as the renter, you are responsible for signing the contract and, for example, an additional driver or other passenger cannot sign the contract on your behalf. However, the owner of the car can ask another person to hand over the car on their behalf.

6. Before you leave, ask the car owner for any other information you need to know about the car as a renter. These can be, for example, how certain functions of the car work, etc.

Now you are ready to start your rental period with us at GoMore. Drive carefully!

Before returning

Before returning your car, it is important that you do the following:

  • Refuel the car to the same fuel level as when picking up.
  • Make sure the car is in the same condition as when picked up. This means that if the car had just been washed and the interior cleaned before being picked up, the car should also be washed and cleaned before being returned.
  • When the rental car is returned, it must be left at the same address as it was at the time of pickup, unless otherwise agreed with the car owner.
  • When you meet with the car owner, he or she will have to take care of terminating the lease. As the renter, you and the car owner will go through the following points together, which must be recorded in the rental agreement in the application (or, if the owner has a paper version, for it):
  • Fuel Amount - The car owner registers the current amount of fuel in the application (as a percentage). If the fuel level is not the same as when picked up, the car owner and renter must agree on the cost of compensation depending on the amount of fuel missing. We recommend starting with the market price per liter of fuel. In this way, fuel costs can be added to the lease as additional costs. As a tenant, you will therefore be charged the cost of the missing fuel to the owner, which will be paid to the owner. Billing is done with the payment card registered in the renter's GoMore user profile that was used to make the reservation. Once the system has registered the additional costs for the missing fuel entered in the lease and the car return agreement has been signed by both parties, the charge will be made from the renter’s debit card.
  • Mileage - the car owner enters a new mileage into the application. If the car has driven more kilometers than specified in the lease, these will be added to the contract as additional costs to which the car owner is entitled as compensation for unexpected wear and tear on the car. You can read more about the cost of post-registration for miles here
  • Register any additional damage - The owner and renter of the car must check the condition of the car upon return before the owner can accept the return and terminate the lease with the signatures of both parties. If new damage has occurred during the rental period (such as scratches or bumps), these must be clearly marked and photographed in the rental agreement. When the lease is terminated, GoMore will automatically receive notice of the damage and we will contact both parties shortly to resolve the matter.
  • Possible additional costs - If the tenant and the car owner have agreed on unexpected additional costs during the rental period at the time of the return, they can be registered directly in the return section of the rental agreement. For example, if you, as a renter, know that you have incurred additional costs for the car during the rental period for which you are responsible, such as a parking fee or speeding penalty, please notify the owner directly at the time of return and he will add these as an additional cost.
  • When the return part of the lease is complete, both you and the car owner will sign the lease and the lease will expire. Both parties will receive an email with a summary of the lease based on the lease.
  • Remember to make sure you don't miss anything in the car (such as your phone slipping out of your pocket or your home keys into the glove compartment)!

We hope the rental went well! If you have any questions, please contact our support service on weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00 by phone 09 424 501 92 or e-mail to, and we will answer you as soon as we can!