What's GoMore Keyless?

GoMore Keyless allows the car to be picked up and returned without having to meet the car owner and renter in person. GoMore car owner members can upgrade their car to a Keyless car, as long as a GoMore Authorized Installation Partner has installed a small device in the car that allows it to be locked and unlocked through the GoMore app. And best of all - GoMore is responsible for the cost of installing a Keyless device, and as a Keyless owner, you get an average of five times more booking requests than regular car owners!

Booking and renting a car is otherwise done in the same way as during other rental periods, when renters send a request to rent a car that is approved by the car owner. If the Quick Booking function is activated, the booking will be accepted automatically. Read more about Instant Bookings here. 

Once the booking is accepted, the renter will pick up the car and return the car without the need for the car owner to be present. renters document the condition of the car by taking pictures of the car during pickup and return. In most cases, the car's fuel level and mileage are read automatically. This too is one of the good things about the GoMore Keyless!

GoMore currently offers car owners Keyless installations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku. If you are interested in installing the Keyless in your car, you can read more and leave us a contact request here.