How do I use a discount code?

If you have a discount code for GoMore, you can easily use it when making a rental reservation and save money on your car rental. However, if you ran into problems and couldn't get the discount to work - don't worry! Below you will find detailed instructions for entering the discount code through the reservation system on our website and through our applications.

Entering the discount code at

Once you have found the car you want and set the pick-up and return times that suit you, you can proceed by pressing "Start booking" (or "Instant booking", if the car owner has turned on the Instant booking function). Next, you will end up on the page "Rental information", at the bottom of which you will find the "Discount code" field. When you enter the discount code in this field, the price calculator is updated on the right side of the page, so you know that you have used the discount code. The discount of the discount code is shown in the price breakdown and deducts the amount entitled to the discount from the total price.

Please remember to enter the discount code exactly as it is written in the message you received from GoMore, on our website, application or other promotional campaign. The most common reason for a discount code not working is its incorrect spelling, e.g. with lowercase letters, even though the code contains only uppercase letters!

Entering the discount code in the GoMore app

If you use GoMore's Apple or Android application, the logic for using the discount code is the same as above, but the discount code is only entered right before paying for the reservation. In our applications, you can enter the discount code as follows:

When you have set the pick-up and return times that suit you and found a car that suits your needs, you can proceed by pressing "Start booking" (or "Start quick booking", if the car owner has turned on the quick booking function).

Next, you will end up on the "Rental information" tab, where you must fill in e.g. possible additional kilometers, deductible reduction, driving abroad, and additional driver fields. At this point, you also write a message to the owner, after which you can proceed by pressing "Next".

After this, you will end up on the "Payment" tab, where you can also enter a discount code by clicking on "Use discount code". You can now add the discount code in this reserved field (Note! Remember the exact same spelling as used by GoMore!) and then press "Apply".

Now you can see the discount code on the "Payment" tab, at the bottom right of which you can view the price breakdown of the order by pressing "View order". At this point, however, you will see the discount you have already received (compare Total: price between the left and right sums in the observation image below).

Now you have activated the discount code, after which you can request the car you want for rent - even more affordable.

If after reading this you still have problems activating the discount code, please contact GoMore's support and we will help you take advantage of the discount. Nice rentals!