Renter validation

To ensure a safe and pleasant user experience for all our members (as well as to provide comprehensive insurance with Omocom for cars rented through GoMore), GoMore requires strong electronic identification from all new car rentals (Bank IDs). So when you want to make your first rental booking, we ask that you have a little patience and readiness to finalize your sign-up as a confirmed member as described below.

During our customer support opening hours on Mondays-Fridays between 8:30-16:30 we aim to confirm new renter members within approx. 15 minutes, and outside of opening hours renter applications are reviewed on weekdays between 18-24 and on weekends and public holidays between 07-24.

You only need to check in before your first booking, so in the future you can easily book rental cars with a few clicks!

1. You can freely browse cars once you have created a GoMore user profile and accepted the terms of service. At this point, we don't yet require strong authentication, and you can also sign in to the service through your Facebook or Google account, for example.

2. After selecting the desired car, enter your phone number in the field that appears on the screen. You will immediately receive a four-digit code via SMS, which you will need to enter in the confirmation field.

3. Enter the required personal information in the booking information as well as any additional services you wish for during the rental period, such as an additional driver, extra kilometers or deductible. Please note that if you do not select additional kilometers for your booking at this time, but still end up driving more than 200 km per day without changing your booking, you will be charged 50% more for the extra kilometers.

4. Identify yourself to the service using a strong electronic authentication method (Bank Authentication). If you do not have Finnish bank credentials, select "I am visiting Finland" when creating your profile. This will then allow you to upload additional documentation necessary for the validation process. 

5. Complete your user profile and upload pictures of yourself (your current face, i.e. selfie) and your driver's license (on both sides). You can read more about how we process your personal information here. In addition, we recommend that you upload a profile picture of yourself that will increase trust among car owners and make it easier to approve your rental requests. Please note that the face image you upload for authentication will only be visible to GoMore, i.e. your public profile image must be uploaded via a separate field.

6. Add the debit card you want to use to pay rentals on GoMore. Your payment card will not be charged until the car owner has accepted your booking request. Depending on your bank and debit card, you may need to verify your card once more using strong electronic authentication.

7. Please wait a moment and we will process the information you submit. If all matches, we will confirm you as a member! The security of our members on our platform is of paramount importance to us, which is why we may ask you to add any missing information about yourself.

8. Read the terms of use and insurance carefully and, if everything is clear, accept them before sending the rental request to the car owner. Once the car owner has approved your request, your payment card will be charged according to the amount found on the rental confirmation.

9. Next, you can relax and wait for your rental car to start! More information about picking up the car and the rental period itself can be found here.

Please note that when refueling, any missing fuel and any fines or fees you receive during the rental period (such as parking fees or fines) will be charged to your debit card, if applicable. Therefore, if unexpected charges accrue during the rental period, please notify the car owner first when returning the car so that you can jointly agree on the payment of any additional fines or charges for which you are responsible. If you need help with this, you can always contact GoMore.

Smoking in a car rented through GoMore is strictly prohibited unless otherwise agreed with the car owner.

You, the other passengers and the car are comprehensively insured through our insurance partner Omocom for the entire rental period. Click here for more information on our insurance.

If your application as a renter member was denied, you can read more "Why was my application rejected?".