Instant booking

Car owners can activate their car's quick booking functions through their user profile. This means that if the renter's requested rental period and the car's availability match each other (based on the times the car owner has set for quick bookings in their calendar), the renter's booking request will be automatically accepted.

Who can use quick bookings?

All renters approved and confirmed by GoMore can book cars through quick bookings.

As a car owner, can I choose when someone can book my car through instant booking?

Yes, the car owner decides the availability of quick bookings. When you set availability times for your car, it can only be booked within the framework of your calendar.

What if I forget that I have activated quick bookings?

No worries, we will remind you! You will always receive a notification and email confirmation of a new booking in your user profile. In addition to availability information, you can conveniently set in your profile how far in advance you want to be notified of new bookings and how far in advance renters can make quick bookings.

How do cars available for quick booking appear in search results?

Cars that can be booked through quick bookings receive better visibility in search results from GoMore. The search function also has a dedicated filter for quick bookings. Small icons in the search and rental listings also indicate that the car is guaranteed to be available and accessible at the requested time by the renter.

What happens if the car owner rejects a quick booking or cancels it after accepting?

The car owner can always reject a booking request free of charge. If the car owner has accepted a booking and cancels it afterward, the regular cancellation terms for bookings apply. Learn more about cancellation policies here!