Here's how to get more bookings for you car


If you frequently rent your car and your car model is compatible with our Keyless system, you may want to consider installing it in your car. The Keyless is installed in the vehicle’s locking system by our authorized mechanic partner, and GoMore will bear the cost of installation. Keyless allows you to rent a car to confirmed GoMore members without the owner having to participate in handing over or returning the car. The renter can unlock and lock the car directly through their GoMore app. Keyless makes life easier for an active GoMore car owner and is already very popular in the Nordic countries among both car owners and renters!

If you’re interested in installing the Keyless system in your car, you can leave us a contact request here and we will tell you more about it!

Read more about Keyless here.

The right price

It is important that you price your car appropriately relative to other options. You always decide the price of a car yourself, but we recommend that you follow our price recommendations, which we have carefully calculated based on the corresponding car options, taking into account the cars listed on both GoMore and competing car rental companies. You can easily follow our recommendations, which will appear whenever you set or edit the price of your car.

To make sure your car is priced right at the right time, we also recommend activating dynamic pricing.

Clear, standout and informative ad

In order for the renter to get a good and comprehensive idea of your car, you should write an informative introductory text in the ad of your car. Here you can write information about the size of the car, delivery options, transmission type, additional features, AUX location, Bluetooth, reversing radar or camera, parking permit, mobile phone charger compatibility, child seat, bicycle rack, etc. Please also describe the condition of the car accurately but for sale!

If you need tips on how to report, please contact our support.

Good photos

Good quality photos are an important part of a renter’s first impression of your car. We recommend that you take about 8 pictures from different angles, showing both the inside and outside of the car. Pictures taken from the inside should show the seats, the boot, and the driver's seat and transmission.

Read more about how to take better pictures here.

Instant bookings

If you know your car is available at certain times and days, you should definitely activate instant bookings on your profile. This means that the renters Reservation Request will be automatically accepted if the rental period indicated by the renter and the availability of the car match (based on the times you have set for instant bookings in your calendar). Cars that can be booked with instant bookings also get better visibility from GoMore in search results and appear on the listing page with a small flash icon. The car owner can make instant bookings active after the first rental.

Read more about instant bookings here.

Renting calendar

In order for renters to see when your car is available, it is important that you keep your car’s availability calendar up to date. You can easily block days or times when you need the car yourself or when you don’t want to rent it. When your car is blocked from bookings, it also won’t show up in the searches that renters do these days. In this way, you also avoid unnecessary requests sent to you by renters, which will negatively affect your acceptance rate and thus your attractiveness as an owner.

Renting acceptance rate

The more bookings you accept, the higher is your acceptance rate. Car owners with a high degree of acceptance will receive more rental requests and your car will also appear higher in the search box when a renter searches for a car.

Fast response time

How quickly you respond to booking requests will affect the response time shown on your car profile. As well as the acceptance rate, the fast response time (accepting and rejecting rental requests) also affects how many rental requests you receive and how high your car appears in search results.

Boost your car

You can get enhanced visibility and more rental requests for your car in many of the ways mentioned above, but we also recommend trying GoMore’s Boost feature to put your listing at the top of the search results! The Boost is charged from your GoMore earnings, i.e. boosting can only be purchased when you have earnings in your GoMore account. If you are a new car owner who has joined GoMore, please contact us and you will receive a free free boost from us to get you off to a good start.

By following the tips above, your car will be the first to appear in the search results, resulting in more bookings - and earnings. If you would like more help with obtaining new booking requests, please contact us and we will be happy to help!